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Critical Need; Great Opportunity

The need to reduce injuries, claims and costs in the workplace is tremendous and growing as the epidemic of work-related musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD's) and its costs grow. New OSHA rules will push it further. Industry often has very little working knowledge about the particulars of this problem and it is often mis-managed. The work injury problem is contaminated by lack of knowledge and its' resulting conflicts and damage.

Your Qualifications?

Prevention of musculo-skeletal work injuries (termed: "ergonomics injuries" by industry and OSHA) today is being managed largely by "ergonomics engineers" with a strictly engineering background. The "Ergonomists" of engineering training often work with a rather thin background of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and disease processes that are the mainstay of medical professionals who specialize in musculo-skeletal work injury management. Ergonomists' attention is limited to managing the EXTERNAL DEMANDS of work, without regard for TISSUE RESPONSES to work loads that we health care professionals consider. That places health professionals in the position of being the most knowledgeable professionals to deal with these types of injuries beyond "ergonomics". But we, thus far, very rarely find ourselves in industry using our special knowledge to solve critical problems well within our capability to solve. Who in society has had more education on musculo-skeletal structure and function and disease processes, human kinesiology and movement science, musculo-skeletal patho-mechanics, and specifically trained how to teach others to correct their risks for these diseases and injuries?? No one.

 Your Opportunity?

Work injury prevention consulting is a service business that can greatly strengthen a clinic's business base. This is a business that does not endure the stresses of third party payor delays, Medicare caps and discounts. We recently trained more than 5,000 employees for one company with our web based version. You can  share in that success.  

Injury Prevention Consulting is a service for which you bill a typical consulting fee of about $2000 per day, billed directly to the workplace, collected 100 percent within 45 days... so unlike patient care! And an effective injury prevention program can allow you to prevent more injuries in one year than you could ever hope to treat in a decade. The IMPACC Work Injury Prevention Program thus far averages a 72 percent reduction in musculo-skeletal lost work days for our client workplaces. The IMPACC program has been implemented in thousands of workplaces throughout the US, a program continuously evolved and perfected by a team of highly experienced medical professionals since 1980. It works! And now, you can obtain the latest version of the IMPACC Program for your business to help direct your success!

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